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Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma

Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma jacketBy: Arturo de Hoyos


Albert Pike ranks alongside the greatest of Masonic luminaries such as William Preston and Thomas Webb. Not so well known as he should be this side of the Atlantic, Albert Pike was undoubtedly one of the finest American orators of the nineteenth century. Originally published in 1872 Morals and Dogma is a collection of what might variously be described as essays, lectures or orations on thirty-two of the thirty-three degrees that go to form what we call the Antient and Accepted Rite (Rose Croix) and which in America is known as the Scottish Rite, or more accurately that of the Southern Jurisdiction, now based in Washington. Each of the essays provides a philosophical rationale for the different degrees, including elements of comparative religion, history, philosophy and symbolism.


The present edition, subtitled the Annotated Edition, has been edited by Arturo de Hoyos, one of the most eminent and talented Masonic writers either side of the Atlantic.


Whilst one should never say never, it is difficult to see how this seminal and definitive work can ever be improved upon. From the initial feel and quality of the binding and paper, everything about the book oozes class. The edition runs to some 1,116 pages and includes all the original text and original pagination and paragraph numbers; but the opportunity has been taken to correct spelling mistakes.


A scholarly work in every respect, the introduction - providing a résumé of the early history of the ‘high grades’ and the Supreme Council - by de Hoyos is a masterly work in its own right. The glossary is a mine of information; the index prepared by Brent Morris a joy to use and the footnotes numbering almost 4,000 provide a depth of detail second to none.


All in all, it is an absolutely outstanding piece of work. On the one hand scholarly; on the other remarkably easy to read and use. Arturo de Hoyas is to be congratulated. This book should have pride of place in every Masonic library.


*Copies of the book can be ordered online at However, Lewis Masonic have managed to secure a small number of copies of the book. The first six applicants can obtain a copy online at at a special price of £40


Annotated Edition


Publisher: Supreme Council 33o, Southern Jurisdiction, USA

Price: $75.00*

ISBN: 978 0 9708749 8 6

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