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  • March 2017

    Freemasonry and the Mormons

    Terry Chateau is a Mormon and here presents the strong links between Freemasonry and the founders of the Mormon Church notably Joseph Smith – a Freemason.


    Mason’s Relish

    Paul Gardner opens the many pots containing pastes, potions and sauces especially for the Masons.




    PURCHASEHERECritical Reading of Masonic Literature

    Yoshio Washizu warns us to take everything we read as not necessarily true – even in the Square!


    George Washington Silhouettes

    The Scottish Rite library and museum introduces us to this once popular portraiture art form.


    Tercentenary Celebrations at UGLE

    The Coordinator of Planning for the Tercentenary Celebrations at UGLE, Keith Gilbert, describes the process thus far.


    The Tercentenary Agenda

    Courtesy of UGLE and other websites we present many of the planned activities. Get out your diaries now!


    For These and All Thy Graces

    The Editor combines a collection of graces with the art of Todd Condon. Uplifting and colourful.


    The Mystery of Mithras

    Andy Fear presents this direct competitor to Christianity. What would our rituals be like if it had succeeded?


    Dissecting Masonic Tryptamines

    P D Newman presents the psychedelic content of the innocent acacia and cassia.


    Dawn of English Freemasonry in Italy

    Alessandro Ruzzi describes the early beginnings of Italian Freemasonry.


    Freemasons and the Alamo

    Mike Karn introduces us to those wonderful characters of legend – who were all Freemasons.



    Jon Patrick Sage reflects on proficiency – and the lack of it – in Freemasonry today.


    The Horncastle Chapter Ensigns

    Ian McFeeters introduces some unique ensigns from a Royal Arch Chapter.


    An Ox, Man, Lion and Eagle in Cornwall

    Tim Blakemore continues the Royal Arch theme by looking at the four principal banners.


    Pass the Port – to the Left!

    Allan DeLuca presents us with more information about this custom at the festive board.


    From JOTC

    Robert Smith presents some beautiful jewels courtesy of Jewels of the Craft and the Diadem magazine.


    The Times Have Already Changed

    R J Chorley reflects on the shifts in the Anglican perception of Freemasonry and the case of Christopher Haffner.


    It’s Freemasonry Jim, But Not As We Know It

    Brad Manning of the MPC uses stamps to present about the Grange and the Mormons – both heavily influenced by the Craft.


    The First Japanese Freemason

    James Johnston records how Freemasonry came to Japan and the leading characters in its development.


    The Master’s Song

    Henry Engelsman and the Masonic Poetry Society combined with a favourite song for a new Master.


    History of Freemasonry in Slovenia

    Aleksandar Lishanin recalls the beginnings and growth of Freemasonry in this fascinating Republic.


    New Light on the Gormogons

    Brent Morris allows us to benefit from an edited paper on this fascinating group – but who were they?.


    Terra Masonica

    Bourland Tristan is on a mission – to encircle the world in 80 lodges. This is the start.


    The Lost Philanthropist

    David Harrison introduces us to Christopher Rawdon – the subject of his latest book.


    Mountain View Cemetary

    Some thoughts on Masonic burials and the Christian Church and a cemetary where Masons are still welcome.


    What, No Plumbers?

    Martin Gandoff introduces the Operatives – the Wallers, the Slaters, the Paviors and all the rest.


    Letters to the Editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don’t agree with something in the magazine please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.


    The Perfect Lodge

    Carl Planting presents Burleigh Lodge in Queensland and its driving force Bro Greg Goding.


    Millennial Masonry

    Padraig Belton explains how those in their twenties and thirties are changing the Craft.


    New Grand Commander for the Northern Jurisdiction

    Moises Gomez introduces David Glattly, the Sovereign Grand Commander elect and tells us something of the Scottish Rite.

  • June 2017

    Freemasonry and the J.S.M. Ward Society

    Warren Pilkington presents a new society dedicated to the memory of a once‑famous Mason.


    The Treasures of English Freemasonry 1717-2017

    Book review by Mike Blackburn. Richard Gan is editor of the beautiful new book produced to celebrate the Tercentenary in 300 objects (well, not quite 300!).




    PURCHASEHERESome Thoughts on the Origins, Ritual and Practices in Freemasonry

    Anthony Sheppardson makes it clear that our ritual did not come down intact from heaven.


    Making a Masonic Mark

    Marios Stylianides introduces us to a new lodge for Greek Cypriots in London.


    Maltese Masonry

    Roy Martin introduces us to Masonry on this Mediterranean island.


    A Masonic Wedding

    Roy Martin continues his presentation of Maltese Masons by reporting a most unusual event – a Masonic wedding.


    Rhode Island Craft Freemasonry and Sectarianism

    Shai Afsai reports on the efforts of the Rhode Island Reform Jewish congregation to form a Masonic lodge.


    A Personal Account of Masonic Charity

    Alessandro Ruzzi reports on the varied response of Freemasons to his need for support.


    The Masonic Philatelic Club.

    Ken Elston again reports on the fascinating hobby of collecting Masonic stamps.


    Aleister Crowley – the Wickedest Man in the World – a Freemason!

    Mike Karn introduces us to the man who was, reputedly, the embodiment of evil.


    Landmarks and Old Charges

    Dan Doron tries to clear up for us what a landmark actually is.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill’s usual roundup of the wonderful and wacky.


    The Grand Lodge of Stockport

    David Harrison introduces us to an English Grand Lodge that most have never heard of.


    Perfect Master – 5th Degree of the Rose Croix

    Yasha Beresiner describes another degree close to his heart.


    Celebrations 100 Years Ago

    Allan de Lucca looks back to the last centenary celebrations – the bi-centenary.


    An Inquiry into the Accusations of Luciferianism Which Affronts Freemasons

    Benjamin Williams gives us the run down on all the various (nefarious?) accusations that we are linked with the devil.


    Goodbye to the Underwater Polymath

    We bid arrivederci to Leo Zanelli, our longest serving editor, who has passed to the Grand Lodge above.


    Freemasons of Armenia

    Juan Augusto Adajian reports on the development of Freemasonry in this unfamiliar part of the world.


    The Great Eastern Railway and Freemasonry

    Peter Walker presents the interaction between the railways and Freemasonry and a very special hotel.


    Masons at War

    Jean Yves Legouas reflects on the influence and actions of Freemasons in war.


    Desaguliers, Science and the Founding of Premier Grand Lodge

    Charles Lawrence joins the growing throng who say that our celebrations for the tercentenary are all a bit premature.


    Letters to the Editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don’t agree with something in the magazine please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.


    The International Order of the Rainbow

    The Scottish Rite Masonic museum and library feature this organisation created for the daughters of Masons.


    Book Reviews

    New books by Fabio Venzi and by Michael Schiavello are reviewed.

  • September 2017

    Count Cagliostro – Freemason or Fraud?

    Nigel Wade introduces this notorious and enigmatic character.


    Tercentenary Celebrations in Spain

    El Oriente from Spain reports on an Iberian celebration of the 300th.


    Masonic Certificates – an obsession?

    Mike Kindler shares his hobby of collecting Masonic certificates.



    PURCHASEHEREAustrian Freemasonry Marks the 300th Anniversary

    Peter Hoffer reports on Freemasonry in Austria and their current celebrations.


    Does Freemasonry Still Make Sense in the 21st Century?

    Peter Bu reflects on Masonic recognition with the call from Bratislava.


    Mark Medals

    Some fascinating medals from the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library.


    The District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

    Aleef Lazarus introduces us to Freemasonry in these Caribbean islands.


    The Lost Rites of Freemasonry

    David Harrison presents some of the rites and rituals of 300 years ago.


    Honorifics and Freakonomics

    David West questions the drive for charity and suggests it might be counter-productive.


    We also introduce a new picture challenge for readers – get out those cameras!


    A Tercentenary Dinner at the Goose and Gridiron

    Guilano Zamboni reports on a celebration in Italy in their own Goose and Gridiron tavern.


    The Impact of Alcohol Policies on Elk Lodges

    John Mero reports on the effect that alcohol and tobacco policies had on fraternal societies in the USA.


    Masonic Education on Canada’s Wet Coast

    Trevor McKeown presents the Vancouver Lodge of Education and Research.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill’s usual roundup of the wonderful and wacky.


    Remember Now

    Paul Hooley asks us to reflect on the book of Ecclesiastes.


    Autism and Freemasonry

    Sandra Beale-Ellis explains this condition and its implication for a Freemason.


    The Oneness of Freemasonry

    Anthony Sheppardson reflects on the links between Masonic degrees practiced today.


    The Graveside Address and Lodge of Sorrow.

    Courtesy of Mersey Lodge, the full text of these two Masonic rituals.


    300 Years – Time for Some Masonic Education

    Martin Gandoff presents his views on what Masonic education should be and how it should be supported.


    Resurgam – a Short History of the French Rite

    Jean Yves Legouas explains the French or Modern rite from start to now.


    Masonic Victoria Cross Winners Ceremony

    A report on the ceremony and celebration hosted at Freemasons Hall as part of the tercentenary.


    Why Should I Bother with the Royal Arch?

    Jeffrey Monnickendam has some interesting observations about this highly promoted degree.


    Haydn – Musician and Mason

    Freddy Berdach discusses the life of this illustrious musician and Mason.


    The Earls of Seafield in North Otago

    G R Watson presents a New Zealand Mason with distinguished Scottish connections.


    Three Tercentenary Events

    Three reports on three tercentenary activities


    Letters to the Editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don’t agree with something in the magazine please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.


    Michael Baigent – Renaissance Man

    Mike Blackburn reflects on this well-known author and the books which might have inspired him.

  • March 2016

    The idiosyncrasies of Laurence Dermott GS

    Paul Gardner introduces us to the sarcastic, bitter, uncompromising but most remarkable Grand Secretary of the Antients Grand Lodge.


    The Gilbert and Sullivan Comic Operas and Freemasonry

    Paul Huggins continues his musical anecdotes with an insight into the Masonic influences and connections of this prolific musical duo.




    PURCHASEHERELeadership of change in Freemasonry

    Dr David West gives us an insight into his latest book which contains many suggestions which will help positive change – and might raise a few eyebrows.


    The Imperial War Graves Commission

    Diane Clements shares her research into the Masonic links of the society which developed and maintains the British Cemeteries in Northern France and elsewhere.


    Lodge of Unions Response (HFAF)

    Christine Chapman is GM of the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (for women) and took the opportunity when responding to a toast to the visitors to enlighten her host about their activities.


    An Old Monument Moss Grown

    Oscar Patterson III records the development of Freemasonry in Florida, USA, and the troubles it experienced as recorded on a significant monument


    Grand Lodge of Croatia

    Bojan Sober recounts the recent celebrations marking the 240th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Croatia held in Zagreb.


    Painting towards the corner again

    Richard Eanam reports the actions of the GM of Georgia who has now banned gays, adulterers and fornicators from membership. There may be trouble ahead …


    Spiritual Freemasonry: a beginning

    Corrado Canonici continues the argument that Freemasonry is not just a social or dining club – though many of its members have forgotten its central purpose.


    Mauls and Gavels

    Martin Gandoff sets us right as to which is which and how we have all been using the wrong name.


    Brick: the catalyst of the metamorphic change from Operative to Speculative Freemasonry

    Charles Lawrence explains how brick and iron put the final nail in the coffin of the stonemasons.


    A new Fraternal degree – the Ancient Order of Shipbuilders

    Thomas Lamb and Walter Meier report the creation of a new order – which still manages to call itself Ancient.


    In the blood: the Birrell family and Scottish Freemasonry

    Kenneth Jack introduces us to the remarkable Birrell family of Edinburgh and their work for Scottish Freemasonry.


    The QC page

    Gordon Davie brings us up to date and deplores a new marketing idea from Central Office.


    Freemasonry and Sirius

    Jebediah French introduces us to some of the more fanciful claims of some past Freemasons.


    Christianity and the Royal Arch

    Dr J Milsom explains the Christian derivation of this degree – much of which was lost during the de-christianisation of the Craft after 1813.


    Such an Ordinary Stamp

    Ken Elston continues to educate us about Masonic philately – stamp collecting! – with images of the Square and Compasses.


    A Voice from the Silence – Women in Freemasonry

    Erich Lackner and Nikolaus Schwarzler continue a debate which has existed for quite a while – should we join with the ladies?


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill presents his regular contribution of Masonic titbits and observations.


    The Prince, the Prophet and the Priest

    Anthony Sheppardson reflects on the many characters we meet in our rituals.


    Time Immemorial Lodges?

    Gordon Davie reflects on the lodges which met before there was a Grand Lodge.


    The joys of English – and being European

    Sven Ronne amuses us with the ridiculousness of our language but also brings us up to date with the EMM meeting of European Masons in Longwy.


    Why the Elevator Speech will always fail

    Jon Patrick Sage explains how the quick sales pitch does disservice to Freemasonry.


    Golden Treasure

    John Acaster reports on a visit to Vienna and the events planned for Manchester – golden treasures all.


    Letters to the Editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion.


    Jewels of the Craft JOTC

    Robert Smith shares four new additions to the fascinating world of Masonic jewels.


    The Universities Scheme Conference 2015

    Edward Lord reports on the 10th anniversary of an excellent scheme to attract the right sort of (young) chap into Freemasonry.


    Where will you plant your seedlings?

    Carl Planting puns his own name with some hard hitting opinions from down under. Time to face up to the real problems!

  • June 2016

    The Private Life of Dr Robert Thomas Crucefix

    John Reuther presents this driving force in the provision of assistance to distressed Masons and the creation of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.


    The Letter G

    Mike Karn’s new book is a collection of 15, ten minute, talks for lodges.




    PURCHASEHEREWhy should a Quantum Physicist take the Great Architect seriously?

    Robert Lomas reflects on his position regarding the concept of God and what other great scientists have felt about creation.


    Rose Croix – the 18th degree of the A&AR

    Yasha Beresiner returns with an article reflecting a personal interpretation of this interesting, important, and even controversial, degree so loved by many Masons.


    A violation of our principles: political discussion within the lodge

    The Scottish Rite Museum and library produces a most interesting blog. Here is one posting regarding political promotions exposed by a letter to HQ.


    The Bridge Builders

    Bros Nazif and Vahidin report the path of Freemasonry in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1900.


    Not Hiram Abif

    Jean Yves Legouas discusses, the arguments about Hiram the King of Tyre and Hiram Abif, the hero of Masonic ritual.


    The Sword of UGLE

    Allan DeLuca does sterling work for the Chingford Masonic research group through his online newsletter. Here is an article which presents the supposed history of the fine sword used by UGLE.


    Seven Greatest mistakes of Freemasonry

    Norm McEvoy runs a web based site and newsletter. Here is one of his postings from an unknown author about the seven mistakes many lodges make.


    The Great War and Grand Lodge Rivalries

    Paul Calderwood draws from his Prestonian research, about the breakdown of relations between Grand Lodges in 1914.


    The Deacons

    Schalk Jacob reflects on the history, purpose and importance of the role of Deacons in Masonry and in the Lodge.


    Is Masonry a total Moral Philosophy?

    J D Black presents the anomalies of the second degree tracing board but gives an insight into the allegory it contains. Are allegories technically inaccurate on purpose?


    The QC page

    Gordon Davie brings us up to date with the planned QC tercentenary conference in Cambridge – be there if you can but get in quick if you want accommodation in College.


    Cathedrals built by the Masons

    Russell Herner has produced a very comprehensive new book based on his life‑long love of cathedrals. Here is a reflection on those wonderful, rose-shaped, stained glass windows.


    The Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon

    This wonderful story as depicted in the stamps which have been created by Yemen – including a surprising page three type illustration…. but what was her real name?


    Abdelkader El Djezairi – Muslim and Freemason

    Eli Minoff, supported by Jacques Huyghebaert, present the story of a charismatic Muslim leader, who was also a Freemason but had no issue with his membership.


    Reflections on 50 years as a Mason

    Bob Sillett has achieved many things in his 50 years as a Mason – including Prestonian lecturer. Here he presents what he thinks Freemasonry needs to do to survive the next 50 years.


    Why Franco hated the Masons

    Juan Bedoya presents some of the difficult history of Freemasonry in Spain under Franco and the Catholic Church.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill presents his regular contribution of Masonic titbits and observations.


    The XIV World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges 2015

    Peter Hoffer reports on this Masonic event.


    Quiz Time

    We introduce the latest quiz with many book prizes to be won. Be in it to win it!


    An Introduction to the Kidd Collection

    Neil Wynes Morse reports on the finding of some important Masonic text books – once suspected – courtesy of Harashim, the newsletter of the ANZMRC.


    Vox Pop

    David West asks young Masons in his own lodge why they joined and what they were expecting.


    Letters to the Editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion.


    Summary of the Ancient Charges of UGLE

    Allun McIlherney explores what every Master-elect under UGLE must agree to before he can take the chair.


    Female Collaboration in Masonic Regalia

    Aimee Newell presents the women who made a business out of Masonry.


    Francis Drake… Yorkshireman?

    David Harrison presents a vignette of a character who loomed large in the city of York.

  • September 2016

    The Craft and the cosmos

    John Grange enlightens us about the wonders of the universe as presented in our rituals – and much more.


    The Queen and the Craft

    Nathan Garstang wonders whether the loyal toast should have ever been included in our festive board and whether it is not time to end it.




    PURCHASEHEREShedding light on Anno Lucis

    Joshua Parmer presents the quaint and incorrect Masonic dating system courtesy of Archbishop Ussher.


    What is a Shriner?

    Ken Elston with the support of Gordon Townsend presents the Shriners, illustrated by stamps and a moving story.


    A Journey in Stone

    Tony Baker reflects on Craig Weightman’s new book - and finds some of it wanting.


    The Freemasons’ Hospital

    Paul Calderwood presents the story of the Freemasons’ War Hospital, later the Royal Masonic Hospital.


    A possible lesson to some Grand Lodges

    Trevor Stewart conducted some research during his lecturing travels and reports on the results here.


    The Boston Tea Party

    Peter Knatt reminds us of this event and advises that it was not what we have all been led to believe.


    The Paris Masonic Exhibition

    Bob Mellor visited the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris and found the exhibition was, unfortunately, not quite what he had hoped for.


    Why I left Masonry

    N X Mason reports the real reasons which caused him, and many others, to depart from the Craft. Not happy reading!


    Reflections from a visit over the pond

    Some reflections on the differences which are to be found between English Freemasonry and some former English provinces.


    The Golden Rule - maybe?

    James Hurst extends a letter to the editor into an article, suggesting that the Golden Rule may not always apply.


    Pugs and Masons

    Allan deLucca shares his Chingford newsletter with some fascinating history of the Order of Pugs.


    Veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols

    Alessandro Ruzzi reports on an open air Masonic meeting in a romantic and historic setting.


    Freemasonry – more than just a social club?

    Gordon Davie reflects on what Freemasonry achieved for so many members before standards declined.


    The Sun and Freemasonry

    David Farnsworth reports on a new apron for a Grand Master and the sun as a symbol of glory and worship.


    Quiz winners & new challenge


    Lodge La Cite de l’Europe

    Manfred Muller-Berg reports on a lodge which meets on the cross channel ferry – weather permitting.


    Landmarks of our fathers

    Tony Pope reviews a book by John Hairston which presents aspects of Prince Hall and African Lodge that we may not have realised


    The History of Swiss Masonry and of the Grand Lodge Alpina

    Michael Jaccard introduces us to Swiss Masonry; its history, organisation and its eminent researchers.


    Neville joins up

    Hugh O’Neill presents the manner in which this renowned Anglican vicar became a Freemason and why it may not happen today.


    The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education 2016

    Ron Penfold, President, reflects on this year’s MCME conference in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in which twelve US states participated.


    Pursuit of the knowledge of one’s self

    Freddy Berdach reflects on Freemasonry as a pursuit of the Mysteries – a means of psychological development.


    Caledonian Lodge 135, Visit to the Netherlands

    Jack Maunders reports on a visit commemorating a long association between two lodges since 1763.


    Letters to the Editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don’t agree with something in the magazine, please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.


    Tenerife calls for the restoration of the reputation of Spanish Freemasonry

    El Oriente, the Spanish Masonic newsletter, reports on events in Santa Cruz that will please Spanish Masons.


    Another look at Freemasonry in Cuba

    E. C. Ballard reports on the fortunes of Freemasonry under a Marxist government. Taken from the Hedge Mason blog.

  • December 2016

    The lie Rob Morris told

    Stephen Dafoe suggests that the Masons in the Morgan affair may not have been so innocent after all.


    How a Frenchman became Master of the Lodge of Faith

    Christian Guellerin tells the story of the Gallic influence in this interesting lodge.





    PURCHASEHEREHidden in plain sight

    Andrew Prescott and Susan Sommers present the historiography of the Order of the Eastern Star.


    The Ark of the Covenant

    Martin Gandoff reveals some of the traditions and some of the inconsistencies of this ancient artefact.


    Squaring the lodge

    Fred Lomax explains, but not always supports, this Masonic custom.


    An introduction to the art of memory

    Martin Faulks discusses the thorny issue – should we learn ritual or just read it?


    Navy Lodge 2612

    David Swain introduces a unique lodge with an unmatchable pedigree of its members.


    First public parade

    Freemasonry in Spain is in a resurgence; here are details of a public procession in Las Palmas.


    A conundrum for the new age

    Bob Gilbert talks about Co-Masonry and the beginning of yet another Grand Lodge.


    Changes in the social activities of lodges

    Gordon Davie reflects on the Ladies’ dinners and what they brought to the Craft.


    Rob Morris

    Jean Yves Legouas gives us even more low-down on this chimerical figure.


    Three centuries of English Freemasonry

    David Barrett reflects on the tercentenary and the exhibition in Freemasons’ Hall.


    The growing atheist population

    Chris Hodapp reflects on a world where fewer believe in the GAOTU.


    Open Day in Spain

    More on the resurgence of Spanish Freemasonry.


    The MPC auction

    Ken Elston tells us of more Masonic stamps for sale and a great new release.


    That religion in which all men agree

    Peter Stavinskas reviews David Hackett’s book Freemasonry in American Culture.


    The Tercentenary agenda

    Courtesy of UGLE and other websites we present many of the planned activities. Get out your diaries now!


    Brought to light

    Tony Martin reviews J Scott Kenney’s new book on the views of Canadian Freemasons.


    Ousting the Great Architect

    Franck Blatter reflects on his experiences in a Swiss lodge where the GA seems to be being side-lined.


    Responses to The Square challenge

    We asked for some of your advice to Grand Lodge to halt the decline. Here are some of them – but do you agree?


    The secret Master Degree

    Yasha Beresiner presents the fourth degree of the Rose Croix.


    The Walking Charge

    David Porteous gives us the full text of this popular charge.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill gives us a few more anecdotes and amuse bouches.


    Why Traditional Observance slipped in Colorado

    Benjamin Williams reveals the cracks in this supposed tale of success and acceptance.


    The Blue Lodge

    Jon Patrick Sage suggests that all you need is blue.


    Freemasonry and religious incompatibility

    Matt Gallagher reflects on why many churches just don’t take to Freemasonry – even if some of their members do.


    Freemasonry and the Revolution in Latin America

    Four Freemasons who changed the face of a continent.


    What is a Mentor?

    Martin Gandoff talks about what a Mentor should be and what a Mentor should do…but do they?


    Letters to the editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don’t agree with something in the magazine, please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.


    The QC Tercentenary Conference

    Aubrey Newman reveals what happened in Cambridge for the first of many tercentenary celebrations – but are we all too early?


    The William Robertson Smith Collection

    Kenneth Jack is back with more news about Robbie Burns – the first and best Masonic Poet Laureate.

  • March 2015

    Sir Joseph Banks – explorer, scientist, Freemason

    John Speed - An insight into the man who travelled with Captain Cook


    What makes a successful Lodge?

    K G Maxwell-Whale - A personal response to the question set by The Square




    PURCHASEHEREThe Royal College of Surgeons and English Freemasonry

    J G Fountain - The Development Director explores this long term relationship


    Royal Cumberland Lodge – Theatre, Treasures and Traditions

    Mervyn Bryce - The story of a Lodge and the Bath Masonic Temple


    So Mote it be

    Michael Karn - An explanation of this familiar Masonic phrase


    Portrait of an Unknown Freemason

    Brendan Kyne - An investigation into William Farquharson Lamonby


    The Names of Lodges

    Fred Lomax - This well-known writer shares some insights into those unusual names


    The Zen of Freemasonry

    Martin Faulks - Freemasonry compared to Zen Buddhism - closer than you think


    New Zealand Freemasons in Jerusalem

    Eli Minoff - A continuation of the role of Freemasonry in the Holy Land


    From Brazzaville with brotherly love

    Frederic Renard - A meeting of the Grand Lodge of the Congo


    Freemasonry in Serbia

    Peter Hoffer - An interview with the Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia


    Aleister Crowley – The Wickedest Man in the World

    Mike Karn - Revelations of this fascinating but terrible man – but was he a Mason?


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill - More vignettes from Freemasonry from a regular contributor


    Kent Lodge No 15

    Paul Gardner - A Lodge soon to celebrate its 300 year anniversary


    The QC Page

    Gordon Davie - More thoughts from the Premier Lodge of Research


    Prince Hall – The First Negro Freemason

    Allan DeLuca - A fascinating and enigmatic character commited to his race and the Craft.


    The Heart of the Craft

    John M. Grange - An experienced and senior Mason shares his thoughts about the Craft


    An Explanation of a Royal Arch Tracing Board

    Keith Hammerton - A fascinating board from Cana Chapter, Lancashire


    The Square Competition

    The first part of a three part trial – are you up for it?


    The Grand Lodge of Stockport

    Dr David Harrison - Yet another Grand Lodge to rival that at Wigan


    Investing in the Growth of the Brotherhood

    Robert A Shively - The findings from extensive research of the Craft in Kansas


    Your Masonic Questions Answered

    Graham Redman - Answers to your questions and problems


    Book Reviews

    Lafitte’s Treasure (Andrew Farleigh),

    The Winding Staircase (Mike Karn),

    Beyond the Craft (Seth Belson),

    The York Grand Lodge (Charles Pendleton)


    Letters to the Editor


    Freemasonry in Hawaii – The Ioloni Palace

    Herbert Gardiner - More Masonic stories and stamps courtesy of the Masonic Philatelic Club


    Wherefore art thou . . .?

    John Acaster - More activity from the Manchester Lodge of Masonic Research


    The Raising of Matthew Murray

    Miles Jarvis - The touching story of a man who wanted to be a Master Mason

  • June 2015

    Freemasonry under the Nazis

    David Lewis present the horrors and consequences of life under the dictators.


    Making Masons at Sight

    Robin Summerfield describes an old, but questionable, practice still promoted in the USA.




    PURCHASEHEREThe Washington Monument Time Capsule

    An article from the Baltimore Sun describing some interesting finds during renovations.


    De Goede Hoop Temple

    Geoff Edwards presents insights and pictures of this remarkable Masonic Temple in Cape Town.


    The Duke of Sussex lays a Foundation Stone

    Gareth Davies describes a marvellous historical event in Newcastle upon Tyne.


    The Blue Forget-me-Not Question

    David Lewis completes his article on the Nazis with further insights into this well-known badge.



    Graeme Beard reflects on happenings in English Freemasonry through the eyes of a practicing psychologist.


    What kind of Freemasonry do you Want

    Howard Rimington provides a thoughtful matrix to define where you stand and what you want from the Craft.


    All About the Pro

    John Hamill responds to a letter to the editor about the peculiar rank of ‘Pro Grand Master’.


    Initiation – Can it be more than once?

    Fred Lomax reflects on an interesting Masonic conundrum.


    Percy Cornelius Taylor

    Paul Huggins presents this tragic event through the ship’s Masonic musician.


    A little bit of War and Peace

    Keith MacDonald presents the story of Freemason Marshal Jacques MacDonald of South Uist and France.


    The World’s Largest Banquet

    Allan DeLuca presents details of this extraordinary Masonic gathering and banquet – supported by ‘the Nippies’.


    Freemasons on Postage Stamps

    Ken Elston discusses the Masonic Philatelic Club and his passions for stamps.


    Making a Mason in Prison

    Herve Hoint Lecoq presents John Wilkes who, it seems, might have been made a Mason while in prison.



    We continue the competition to win a handsome model of the door of Freemason’s Hall.


    The Leicester Table

    David Sharpe and Maxine Gilhuys Notarbartolo present details of a remarkable Masonic marble table.


    QC page

    Gordon Davie again presents views and happenings from the oldest Masonic Research Lodge, No 2076.


    A Brief History of Mark Tracing Boards

    Peter Hanfrey presents some unusual and attractive Mark tracing boards.


    Two Fleet Street Taverns and a Church

    Mark Harwood presents the story of the Mitre Tavern, the Devil and St Dunstan’s.


    Your Masonic Questions Answered

    Graham Redman discusses Blackballing and its implications.  Extracts from ‘Masonic Etiquette Today’.


    Book Reviews

    Tony Baker looks at the latest best seller which reveals all about the Illuminati and their rituals.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill reflects on various Masonic ephemera and happenings.


    Letters to the Editor

    More points of view and concerns from our readers.


    Letters to the Editor – what’s happening

    Two events of note which deserve to be included.


    Masonry Al Fresco

    David Harrison presents an excerpt from his book with regard to Lodges meeting outside or in caves.


  • September 2015

    Freemasonry and the Inquisition

    Michael Baigent, and other authors, present the treatment of Freemasons under the various Inquisitions in Europe…not a happy story.


    The Swedish Constitution

    Alex Davidson presents Nordic Esotericism in Baroque Splendour – the Swedes, their rites and regalia.





    A tribute to his father, and our founder, by David Allan, our publisher.


    Do you know where your warrant is

    B Matthews suggests that to assume something is sometimes asking for an expensive problem.


    And you thought your initiation was scary!

    Jonathan Black convinces us that the faint of heart might be better to avoid the Eleusian mysteries


    Paris Conference

    John Acaster presents a review of the first World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry and History at the Biblioteque Nationale.


    An interview with Alain Bernheim

    This renowned Masonic scholar shares some of his history and his views.


    Regularity is…?

    Martin Sabden shares his reactions to one of the sessions at the Paris World Conference featuring John Cooper and Alain Bauer…on a rather thorny subject.


    Oops, the wrong column!

    We apologise to the Marylanders for mistaking one Washington Column for another.


    The Square quiz

    The final questions in the three part quiz – be in it to win it!


    John Coustos

    Part of the chapter by Michael Baigent, et al, highlighting the treatment of a famous Freemason under the Inquisition.


    Freemasonry and Fraternal societies

    Bros David Harrison and Fred Lomax have their latest book presented by Paul Longridge.


    Freemasonry and postal history

    Ken Elston again presents us aspects of the fascinating world of Masonic philately.


    A Barnardo boy finds his roots

    John Hill, with some help from Yasha Beresiner, recounts a heart-warming story of a Bro. who discovers something of his lost past.


    The Times of Zambia

    A commentary on a recent article, published in a national newspaper, which again evokes the stupidity of Masonic attack.


    The European Masonic Meeting…2015

    Peter Ewood describes this year’s social and fraternal gathering of European Masons in Bucharest.


    The QC page

    Gordon Davie, current Master of the lodge, admits that he is simply a raconteur when it comes to Masonic research.


    Grand Lodge comes to Logierait

    Kenneth Jack presents another interesting vignette of when Grand Lodge visited this picturesque Scottish area to commemorate a memorial.


    Masonic gloves

    James Manuel recounts the history and tradition of our white gloves. An article from Harashim No.58.


    Different faiths

    An extract and comment on the Volume of the Sacred Law from Graham Redman’s book on Masonic etiquette.


    The Order of Moose

    Gordon Davie regales us with the history and exploits of this fraternal society – still going today.


    Ashlar chippings

    Hugh O’Neill presents his regular contribution of Masonic titbits and observations.


    Masonic rogues and murderers

    Ken Walton, with much help from Bro Bob Gilbert, presents aspects of his presentation on Masonic ‘bad boys’.


    Problems in Masonic charity

    An extract and commentary by Geo Frazer from The Builder magazine of 1915, discussing a subject which increasingly resonates today.


    Book reviews

    Reviews of Richard Gan’s latest book and of a magnificent new text on Masonic aprons from the Scottish Rite library, edited by Aimee Newell.


    Letters to the Editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion.


    Women in Freemasonry

    Bob Charles raises an argument that keeps coming up – though usually from just one side!


    Lexington Symposium

    Hilary Anderson Steeling recounts events at the Scottish Rite Museum Conference on American Freemasonry and Fraternalism, April 2015.

  • December 2015

    Frederick Binckes: The Rise and the Fall of an Eminent Victorian Freemason

    Richard Gan provides an edited version of his paper presented to Quatuor Coronati Lodge about this remarkable man who combined the roles of both Grand Secretary of the GL of Mark Master Masons and Secretary of the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys.


    The thoughts of a newly raised Mason

    Alex Lishanin reflects on how he became a Mason and what it means to him and to others he met in the process.



    PURCHASEHEREAn Introduction to the 2016 Prestonian Lecturer

    Dr Ric Berman, author of several notable books on Freemasonry has been appointed as Prestonian lecturer for next year.


    The Sea of Faith – Christianity and Freemasonry in Change

    Hugh Waddington discusses how a reinterpretation of an important word in our ritual can have profound effects.


    Much ado about Thomas Harper

    Dave Wood and Ian Smith discuss this famous character, the lodge named after him and the Masons who collect his jewels.


    The Lodge of the Future

    David J. Cameron of the Grand Lodge of Ontario shares his thoughts about where Freemasonry is going – and should be going.


    Why Freemasonry?

    David Cons, past Pro Provincial Grand Master for Middlesex shares his thoughts about what Freemasonry has to offer to those who join.


    Listen to the words for once

    Howard Rishton recalls Cilla Black and a song whose words speak to Freemasons together with details of Second World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry, and History 2017.


    The Ammonites, the Ephraimites and Jephthah, Judge Over Israel

    Oscar Patterson presents much details about the interesting story of Jepthah and the terrible promise he had to fulfil.


    The Square Quiz

    The answers and the winner of our three issue Square quiz.


    Developing Paradoxical Intent

    David West tells us that doing the same thing only gets the same results and sometimes the very opposite is what works.


    The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia

    John Paternoster tells us about this interesting society and about the restored grave of its founder Robert Wentworth Little.


    Introduction and Guide to One day classes

    Extracts from the guide produced by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to support their rapid progression to Master Mason.


    The QC page

    Gordon Davie, current Master of the lodge, reflects on the issue of resignations – with one, in particular, a bit close to home.


    Whatever happened to the Oration Scheme?

    The reflections of many brethren who were, or still are, involved in a scheme which started well but has seemingly faded.


    The ANZMRC

    Tony Pope introduces us to the Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council.


    Reader’s Questions

    Graham Redman again gives his expert guidance in matters Masonic.


    Paracelsus and the Origins of Freemasonry

    John Grange introduces the life and happenings of this remarkable man and what he means to Freemasonry.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill presents his regular contribution of Masonic titbits and observations.


    Masonic Symbolism in the Red Velvet Room

    Ricky Pounds describes the Masonic connections of this remarkable room in Chiswick House, London.


    Observing the Craft

    Andrew Hammers new book is reviewed and the celebrations at the Grand Lodge of Croatia are also detailed.


    The Anglo-Saxons and Masonry

    Tim Blakemore introduces us to the Anglo Saxons dynasties and their influence on the Craft.


    The Second Greek Conference

    Bob Bashford tells us what happened this year at the Conference in Anavyssos.


    Letters to the Editor

    Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion.


    The Road, the Rubber, the Ride

    Ken Elston brings us some more interesting Masonic stamps.


    Pedro de Alcântara

    David Harrison and Felipe Côrte Real present this fascinating character embroiled in the politics of Brazil and Portugal.


    The success of the Special Interest Lodge

    David Harrison reflects on why some lodges which special interests seem to be bucking the downward trend.

  • March 2014

    Sir Francis Dashwood,  The Hell Fire Club and the Caves of West Wycombe

    David Harrison - An infamous character and an infamous club, linked to freemasonry.


    Avra Kedavra – It’s Sheamus O’Potter…

    Gareth Walsh - A masonic temple transformed into Hogwart’s school of wizadry.




    PURCHASEHEREThere are historians and then there are masonic historians

    Bob James - Some thoughts about masonic research from our Australian colleagues.


    Obligations or Oaths?

    Fred Lomax - An area of great contention is discussed.


    100 years of  The University Lodge of Hong Kong No.3666

    Mark MacAlpine - Some snippets from a book to be published.


    Freemasons and Civil Society

    John Belton - A regular contributor shares his thoughts on masonic principles.


    An Interview with Robert Lomas

    One of the most successful masonic authors shares his life and thoughts.


    Robert Burns – the freemason

    Mike Karn - Aspects of Burns the freemason and the influence of freemasonry on his success.


    The Masonic Bridge Of Dunkeld

    Kenneth Jack - A simple bridge with an interesting masonic story.


    A Daily Advancement

    Bro Ronald Ng - A brother shares his excitement after reading an old minute book.


    Order of Railway Conductors: A New Member is Initiated in 1904

    Scottish Rite Museum - A quasi-masonic association with a familiar ritual.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh S O’Neill - Snippets of Masonic miscellanea.


    A Folk Art Portrait of John Coustos, Masonic Hero ….. from the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

    An interesting artefact and masonic story.


    Atkinson Ritual and why you should be using it

    John Atkinson - A pragmatic approach to learning and presenting ritual.


    Masons and the British Empire

    Paul Calderwood - Reflections from the author’s Prestonian lecture for 2013.


    The Ritual of English Freemasonry

    Steven J. Smith - Where does it originate from, why is it performed and why is it important it is performed properly?


    But Which Premier Grand Lodge Ought Freemasons to Celebrate?

    Charles Lawrence - The author suggests that 1717 is the wrong date to celebrate.


    Notes on “Hele”

    Yoshio Washizu - A dedicated masonic researcher presents the depth of analysis over a single word.


    Of the importance of Masonic Recognition

    John Acaster - Reflections from a regular contributor.


    Your Masonic Questions Answered

    Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field.


    The Musings of an Old Mason

    Pat Streams - More reflections from one who has been there and done that.


    Square Culture: Masonic Poetry

    The cultural side of Freemasonary.


    Books Reviews


    In Search of That Which Was Lost True Symbolism of the Royal Arch
    by Duncan Moore  Mike Karn


    The Lewis Guide to Masonic Symbols

    by Robert Lomas  Julian Rees


    The Sword of Moses

    by Dominic Selwood  Andrew Farleigh


    The Goat, the Devil and the Freemason

    by David West  Tony Baker


    The QC Column

    Gordon Davie - A regular update from the premier Lodge of Research.


    Masonic meeting on board a Cruise liner

    Peter Kok - When masons meet they form a club.


    Prestonian Jewel Ceremony and Lunch

    Thirteen Prestonians meet for a jewel ceremony.


    Red Cross of Constantine

    Michael Adams - News from the order.


    Mariners Lodge No 249 Liverpool, - 200th Punchbowl and Jug Celebration

    Fred Lomax - An interesting event from an old lodge.

  • June 2014

    The Lunar Society

    David Harrison - The author discusses Freemasonry, the hidden mysteries of Nature and Science and the Midlands Enlightenment.


    A Daily Advancement

    Mike Kearsley - Some thoughts on the opening of a new Masonic Library in Middlesex and of masonic research in general.




    PURCHASEHEREAntients Freemasonry and the London Irish

    Ric Berman - A prominent Masonic historian reviews the strong influence of the Irish on London Freemasonry.


    Emulation and the Silver Match Box

    Jayson Brinkler - A winner of this difficult award from the Emulation Lodge of Improvement reflects on what it is and what it requires to be a winner.


    The Freemason’s Code

    Adam Shewin - Dan Brown; his views on Freemasonry and life - and the interview at Freemason’s Hall.


    Freemasonry, the Beached Whale

    Bob Jones - A reflection on the state of Freemasonry in Australia and elsewhere and a response from the editor.


    Revolutionary and Socialist Fraternalism

    John Belton - London and the Italian Risorgimento from 1848 to 1870.


    An Interview with David Harrison

    A masonic writer shares his thoughts about his life, his books and Freemasonry.


    The Hidden Currents of 1813

    Andrew Prescott - Some fascinating aspects of the Duke of Sussex and his interests at the time of the Union.


    The Harris Museum

    Ivor Whalley - The story of the Laying of the Foundation Stone of a free, Public Library and Museum in Preston, Lancashire in 1882 - with full Masonic pomp and ritual.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill - The author reviews several areas of masonic interest – from Shakespeare to masonic imposters.


    Bro John MacDouall Stuart

    Bernard Williamson - The story of a remarkable Australian Explorer and Mason.


    Cavaliers and Roundheads

    Richard Gan - The effect of the 1813 Union on other Orders beyond the Craft.


    Anthony O’Neal Haye

    Kenneth C. Jack - The story of a Freemason, Journalist, Author and Poet.


    The Victoria Cross

    Tom Ridley - Some aspects of the ultimate medal for Valour and the story of two Norfolk Freemasons and VC winners.


    Health Section

    Bob Boal and Giles Barkley - A life-saving initiative from West Lancashire – heart defibrillators in Masonic Lodges.


    Honorary Memberships and Masonic Dress

    Fred Lomax - A well-known masonic writer shares his thoughts about two issues.


    Laudable Pursuit

    Chris Hodapp - Thirteen suggestions for the rejuvenation of American Freemasonry from a well-known, American, masonic author.


    Letters to the Editor


    Good Practice

    John Acaster - The author exoresses his views about good Masonic practice from the past and present.


    Quatuor Coronati

    Gordon Davie - News and events from the Premier Lodge of Research.


    Book Reviews

    Mike Karn and Peter Currie - A detailed review of books old and new.


    Jersey Freemasonry

    Colin Goss - The release of a revised and updated book about Jersey Freemasonry.


    A Cycle Ride and Freemasonry

    Philippa Faulks - Two young Freemasons describe their views of Freemasonry and why they are undertaking their charity ride.


    Your Masonic Questions Answered

    Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field.

  • September 2014

    The War Time Diary of Joseph Fort Newton

    Extracts from the diary of a leading American Masonic writer, written during his visit to London and other British cities in 1916. The diary discovered by John Belton.


    The Masonic Peacemakers of 1914

    Paul Calderwood – Reflections on the activity between German and British Freemasons in the years prior to the outbreak of hostilities in 1914.




    PURCHASEHEREThe Holy Royal Arch

    John Hamill - From an address at the Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter held on 16th October 2013 to celebrate the bi-centenary of “Pure Ancient Masonry.


    Erasmus Wilson

    Robin Evans – a new statue is unveiled commemorating a remarkable Freemason, Sir William James Erasmus Wilson.


    Freemasons of the American Revolution

    John Duncalf – the author presents the Masonic involvement of many of the names associated with this momentous event.


    The 1814 International Compact and ‘Pure Ancient Masonry’

    John Belton – An edited version of the author’s paper for the Leicester Lodge of Research Symposium.


    Disturbing the Peace and Harmony of the Craft

    Diane Clements – some vignettes from the author’s latest book on Freemasonry and the First World War.


    Behind the Wheel

    Larry Riches – and a remarkable journey in a Model T Ford all the way from Portugal.


    The Union in a Minute Book

    Johnny Lewis – the secretary of Lodge of Harmony, the oldest in Middlesex (1785), shows how their minute book reflects the dramatic changes of 1814.


    Filey Masons and their famous brother – Billy Butlin

    Philip Harrison – the story of Freemasonry in this North Yorkshire seaside town and the famous holiday camp King who lived there


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill – More reflections on the nooks and crannies of Masonic ephemera.


    The Whale and the Mustard Seed

    John Acaster – A response to a previous article and a reflection on research lodges and their value in Freemasonry.


    Masonic Musicians and Composers

    David Lewis – starts us off with some of the earliest Masonic musicians with more to come in later issues.


    The First Lady Freemason

    David Harrison – the Hon Elizabeth Aldworth who started her evening as an eavesdropper and ended it as a Freemason.


    Perfect Points and Counterpoints

    Doug Banin – The author explains what the perfect points of entry are with reflections on certain tracing boards.


    The Origins and Development of the Consecration Ceremony

    Brian Baker - An extract from The Burnham Lecture within the Province of Buckinghamshire and detailing aspects of the consecration ceremony.


    Installation of the Great Priory of the Netherlands

    Peter Kok – describes this grand and important event for Dutch Freemasons


    Who was Charles Rasp

    Mark MacAlpine – tells the story of a famous German / Australian Freemason who was linked with Broken Hill and the Umberumberka Lodge.


    The Musings of an Old Mason

    Gordon Davie – the author reflects on the Mentoring scheme and finds some issues with its application.


    World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges

    Bob Sillett – a report on the biennial Conference held in Romania.


    Grand Master Mason of Scotland at the European Grand Master’s meeting 2007

    A Paper delivered by the Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Sir Archibald D. Orr Ewing at the European Grand Master’s Meeting 2007.


    What makes a successful Lodge?

    The Editor asks for your input to a proposed new guide. The do’s and don’ts of a successful Masonic Lodge.


    The Chingford Masonic Study Circle

    Allan DeLuca – the secretary of this new research group describes its beginnings and aspirations.


    Authors Lodge No 3456

    Ron Selby – the secretary of this unique lodge recalls some of the people and events which have made it popular.


    Book Reviews

    Ron Selby and Mike Karn review three books to add to your Masonic collection.


    Letters to the Editor


    The Lodge of Lights

    David Harrison - Lodge of Lights Lodge celebrates its 250th anniversary.


    Brethren Parade in full Regalia

    Alan Breward – with a report showing that we are coming out of the closet at last.

  • December 2014

    The Confused Origins of Freemasonry

    David Barrett – There are many theories concerning the origins of Freemasonry – and all of them are wrong!


    Report on the Summer Workshop Greece

    Bob Bashford – The proceedings of the Conference at Anavyssos.





    PURCHASEHEREWilliam Burges - Architectural GENIUS and Freemason

    Paul Huggins – The Freemason behind the designs of Cork Cathedral and others.


    Models of Great Queen Street – Chingford and Chisel and Mouse

    Two replicas and the offer of a prize competition.


    The History of the Tyler’s Toast

    Robert Bradley – An insight into the brethren of the Mystic Tie.


    Freemasonry in the Holy Land

    R. S. Kahan and Leon Zeldis – Pictures and details of this fascinating cave under the Old City.


    Conference Reports

    Mike Jones and Bob Sillett – The AMULL Festival at Charterhouse and East Africa Conference in Dar es Salaam.


    Edwin Watson – A tribute

    Gordon W Michie – An account of the footballing flyer from Fife.


    The Victoria Lodge of Research

    Brendan Kyne – A brief introduction to an active research group.


    A Just so Story

    Richard Tydeman – How the Stewards got their red aprons.


    The Common Bond

    John Acaster – Thoughts and details from the Manchester Association for

    Masonic Research.


    John Steinbeck and Freemasonry

    Kenneth Jack – An insight into a fascinating character and writer.


    Ashlar Chippings

    Hugh O’Neill – More vignettes from Freemasonry.


    The Royal Masonic School for Girls

    Pippa Hopkins – The brain child of Chevalier Ruspini – still thriving.


    The QC Page

    Gordon Davie – More thoughts from the Premier Lodge of Research.


    Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian Connection

    Christopher McIntosh – The 400th anniversary of an important document.


    Rods, Staff and Wands of Office

    Brian Fisher – Plans for a new presentation of Moses’ Rod.


    The George and Dragon Players

    Peter Baker – A section of Masonic History brought to life.


    The King’s Speech

    Edwardian Lodge of Research – A Man and a Stamp – the story retold.


    The Great War and Grand Lodge Rivalries

    Paul Calderwood – A past Prestonian continues his story.


    Ten Ways to spot a Mason

    Chris Hodapp – Extracts from the Dummy’s Guide to Freemasons.


    Lyceum Lodge of Research

    David Lewis – Masonic Activity from South Africa.


    Kent Freemasonry and the First World War

    Robin Evans – A new exhibition featuring the Great War.


    The ANZMRC

    Tony Pope – Details of Masonic Research in Australia and New Zealand.


    It never rains … but there’s a hurricane

    John Dale – Pictures of Masonic mishaps in Bermuda.


    25 Years of Freemasonry in Eastern Europe

    Peter Hoffer – A summary of Masonic activity in the former Soviet bloc.


    Book Reviews

    Richard Mellor – English Freemasonry and the First World War.


    Mike Hailwood Lodge

    Michael Adams – Masonic petrol heads get it together.


    Letters to the Editor

    More of your thoughts and views.


    Your Masonic Questions answered

    Graham Redman – More wise counsel from the Grand Secretary’s Office.


    The Masonic Philatelic Club

    Ken Elston – The World of Masonic Stamps.

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