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Charlie Chaplin’s Uncle or The Engine Driver’s tale

Charlie Chaplin’s Uncle or The Engine Driver’s tale jacketBy: Ian Okell


Examples of Masonic fiction are few and far between. Good Masonic fiction is even more rare. Ian Okell has managed to craft together a terrific adventure yarn mixing fact and fiction and manages to bring together elements of murder, steam engines, sex, royalty and Freemasonry. The story is told by Fowler - the engine driver. A fast-moving and gripping tale, full of action scenes but yet also full of period detail, which has been very well researched. This is apparent from the description of the Lodge meeting and especially the reference to the Second Degree Tracing Board, which I am sure even very keen ritualists have experienced from time to time.


The book is certainly original and some might say unusual or even far-fetched; it is certainly humorous and you will not have time to be bored as you enjoy turning the pages to find the next twist and turn.


Publisher: FeedARead

Price: £8.99

ISBN: 978 1 78176 038 3


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