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Enhance Your Masonic Knowledge

By: Ronald J R Hart


Ron Hart was by profession an architect, and as such would be expected to have an in-depth knowledge of building and design. A Freemason for many years, he is able to bring together the connection between the operative elements of architecture and the speculative symbolism of Freemasonry. Combine this with the fact that he is a long-standing member of Authors Lodge and you begin to appreciate how this book has come about.


The book consists of a series of lectures that Ron has researched over a considerable number of years. They range from the symbolism of the First and Second Degrees, as well as the Royal Arch, to the Masonic remains found in Pompeii.


Although of interest to the individual reader, the book will also appeal to Lodge Mentors, who will find the information contained very useful in helping to answer the questions that so often arise from the newer members of a lodge or chapter.


Richard Collins



Price: £12.99

Publisher: Lewis Masonic

ISBN: 978 0 85318 430 0



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