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Freemasonry’s Hidden Brain Science

By: Michael Schiavello


According to the blurb, “this is Freemasonry in its ultimate expression, deeper and more vast than you could ever have imagined. Offering a revolutionary approach to the Craft, Freemasonry’s Hidden Brain Science explains, and proves, the genius of Masonic ritual as a neurological, psychological, and metaphysical handbook for self-improvement and the attainment of higher consciousness. Best-selling author, television personality, and 32⁰ Freemason, Michael Schiavello, reveals startling discoveries made while plumbing the depths of Masonic ritual and symbolism”.


Prepare to go well and truly down the rabbit hole with this new book by Michael Schiavello. A ‘book of two parts’; the first explains the exoteric side of Freemasonry – the symbols and working tools – and the second explores the more esoteric aspects. These subjects have both been covered widely by an array of authors over the years; Schiavello alludes regularly to Albert Pike and his writings on both the exoteric and esoteric duality within Masonry.


But this book goes far deeper, calling on neuroscience and psychology as applications to reveal further hidden meanings, such as how “King Solomon’s Temple correlates specifically to the make-up and measurements of the human nervous system”, and that the ritual “quite clearly defines the Tyler as a guardian not of the physical temple, but of the true temple of Masonic teaching – the brain and conscience”. Schiavello describes the contents as “unfolding like a self-help treasure map [which] reveals hidden meanings found within Freemasonry’s allegories and symbolism, which go far beyond their literal interpretations and will change the way you think, act and feel”. With any book that radically deconstructs ritual and symbolism, we have to be cautious as readers to ascertain what may be conjecture, or confirmation bias; there is no way that we can prove for certain that these things are correct or that Freemasonry alters us neurologically or spiritually. However, that being said, it makes for fascinating reading.


It is certainly well-researched and meticulously crafted and is clearly aimed at the budding, or existing, esoteric Freemason; however, it may not be as accessible for those who have a more down to earth approach to the fraternity.


About the author:

Michael Schiavello is a best-selling author, international television broadcaster and award-winning writer. He is a 32nd Degree Mason of the Scottish Rite and a recipient of the degrees of the York Rite, including Mark Mason, Holy Royal Arch and Knights Templar Degrees.


Michael is the author of the 1999 non-fiction best seller, Bouncer! Real Life Stories (Lothian Books, 20,000 copies sold in Australia). Former editor of Australasia’s largest sports and lifestyle publishing house (Blitz Publications), he has been published in more than 50 magazines worldwide.


A long-serving television sports broadcaster, Michael commentated the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. He has commentated sports events in over 20 countries and the host of The Voice Versus CableFax Award nominated show on American cable network, AXS TV.


Michael holds a Certificate in Masonic Education from the Victorian Lodge of Research and has been profiled in Freemasonry Victoria magazine (article entitled “The Voice of Freemasonry”, June 2014 edition). His Masonic writing has featured in various Masonic Trestle Boards and he has delivered lectures on topics of Masonic symbolism at lodges in Australia and the United States. He is the Worshipful Master of Daylite Lodge No. 44 in Las Vegas, USA.


Lewis Masonic

ISBN: 9780853185659

Paperback, 230 pp



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