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June 2018


Making a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge is something that all Masons are admonished to do. In the past, this was most probably accomplished by picking up the ritual book or having an in-depth conversation with brethren at lodge; but modernly, there are so many other ways in which to get your daily dose. Social media offers a vast array of platforms and forums to learn about, debate and possibly bemoan the intricacies of the Craft. Facebook has a myriad of open and closed groups, whereas Twitter gives us a bite-sized opportunity to learn and share. YouTube has its moments; albeit it often overflowing with anti-Masonic or Illuminati conspiracy theories but even that gives you a chance to see what kind of opposition is out there. Books on Freemasonry – on every angle from symbolism and history, to the more esoteric – are in abundance and there is also the opportunity to go to local, provincial or metropolitan events that cover Masonic education.


But what do you do with that knowledge? Surely it should be shared; put into practice. That is something that I am seeing more and more as I research for interesting content for the magazine – older brethren sharing their knowledge through podcasts, articles or blogs; the rise of the Connaught and Light Blue clubs and other groups for younger, newly-made Masons. The wealth of information and knowledge is immense but the sharing of that is even more powerful and at the Square, we hope that we do just that and continue to contribute to your daily advancement.


In this issue we have an array of knowledge to share with you: Our cover story is that of an artist currently taking the Masonic world by storm – Travis Simpkins shares his journey through art and Freemasonry on page 7; Historian Ricky Pound takes us on a tour of the ‘Masonic Symbolism in the Blue Velvet Room at Chiswick House’ (pg. 16); we ‘Meet the Author’ of A Guide for the Masonic Treasurer, Paul Sparks (pg. 12); veteran Freemason Chris Hodapp shares his powerful blog post on ‘The Decline of Men…’ (pg. 40) and Craig Weightman’s regular column ‘A Quarterly Advancement’ is on page 55. The wealth of talent from all our contributors is superb and a great testimony as to the influence and passion that Freemasonry endows and we appreciate every article we receive and duly try to publish as many as we can squeeze in each quarter!


Your views, experiences and knowledge gained from your Masonry is vitally important and we are always delighted to hear from you – if you have a story, an idea or a subject/event you would like us to cover, please get it touch via email –, Facebook or Twitter @Masonic_Square


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