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March 2019


Even though we are already nearly a quarter of the way into 2019, I will wish you a Happy New Year! The first few months of the year are often cold, dark and miserable and it’s nice to be reminded that new things are afoot. And, a new year also means finding fresh new material for the magazine. It can be the strangest things that spark off ideas and I am always scrolling social media and other websites for interesting stories, random facts or inspiring actions. One of my favourite websites is ‘Freemasonry Matters’:


‘The purpose of the website is to show the collective positive force Freemasonry has on ourselves, communities and Charity. Dispelling myths and conspiracy theories, so that the conscious and intellectual individuals who want to find out more can make informed choices.’


All content on the site is licenced under CC BY-ND 4.0 – Attributions, No Derivatives 4.0 International – meaning that as long as you credit the content and make no alterations, then you are free to reproduce and share, even for commercial use. I make that point because in the modern world of ‘internet sharing’, far too many people share content without credit or permissions. We occasionally feature items ‘via the web’ that we find or have had sent in, and sometimes it can be hard to find an attribution for the material found but if in doubt, we always endeavour to give a ‘shout out’ for the rights’ holder to come forward. It’s also useful for the next ‘sharer’ to know – so, keep those credits going!


Luckily, due to that delightful invitation to ‘share’, the tireless work of site founder Stuart Harker, and all the contributors to the website, allows this valuable content to be available to Masons and non-Masons alike, right across the globe. The universality of Freemasonry is key to keeping the organisation alive and thriving and we should celebrate that bond happily united by land, sea and air…and the internet.


With that in mind, in this issue we feature Freemasonry from various parts of the world: our cover story tells of the history of the stunning UGLQ Masonic Memorial Centre in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. As one of the only two specifically dedicated memorials to Freemasons killed in WWI (the other of course, is at UGLE Freemasons’ Hall in London) its rich and solemn history is both fascinating and poignant. ANZAC Day falls on 25 April every year, and with this feature it reminds us that although the centenary of the First World War has now officially passed, that our thoughts and remembrance of our Glorious Dead must never, ever be diminished. Although 10,000 miles apart, both buildings and all the respective members, help to keep that Eternal Flame alight.


Also featured, are profiles of Freemasons from around the world: John Kyle Day shares with us the story of former US President Franklin D Roosevelt (page 23), who contributed much to the Craft, not least to demonstrate that disability does not confer a lack of ability in other parts of life. Sergio Prezioso, sheds light on Italian Mason and artist, Ivan Mosca (page 33) and on page 12, regular contributor Jean-Yves Legouas explores the intriguing life of Michael Sendivogius, the Polish alchemist and doctor – admittedly not a Freemason, Sendivogius almost certainly influenced many Masons in the years to come.


I hope you enjoy exploring the world of Freemasonry further in this issue, and if you have a moment, I highly recommend a leisurely read at


Until next time…


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