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Know Thyself: Using the Symbols of Freemasonry to Improve Your Life

By: Michael Schiavello


Michael Schiavello is an Australian well known for commentating sport, in particular fighting, where he is known as ‘The Voice’. He was initiated in 2009 and is involved in a number of Masonic activities in Las Vegas, having moved to the USA. The book has many chapters with such titles as ‘The divine spark – you’re a real G’, ‘All a buzz – the beehive’, ‘No bones about it – the skull and crossbones’ and ‘The only way is up – the winding staircase’.


The book takes the symbols of Freemasonry and seeks to explain their meaning so that the reader can improve their life – and Masonry. It is to be expected, with Michael’s background, that there will be an element of show business about it but the book makes interesting and thoughtful reading as well. At the end of each section are questions to ask yourself. After the ‘No bones about it’ section, Michael asks: If you knew you were going to die tomorrow how would you treat someone differently today? Are you living your life to the fullest? What imprint will you leave on the world when you are gone? How will you be remembered? What will be written on your headstone? Ouch! Am I living respected? Will I die regretted? How do I know?


Those who seek more from Freemasonry will see past the showmanship and reflect on the deeper messages being provided. Nor would it matter if Michael might sometimes fail to live up to his own advice, as is so often the case with motivational gurus. After a career of reading such books, I started it determined to find fault – and found that it had valuable and thoughtful advice to reflect upon. I think that it would make an excellent source for group discussions as well. Why does this not happen at Lodges of Instruction? Take your time with the book, reflect on the words and really have a go at the exercises. My advice is to write down your answers.


Reviewer: Jim Mellor


Paperback: 192 pages

Lewis Masonic (1 Sept. 2016)

ISBN: 9780853185239

RRP: £12.99

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