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Oliver the Spy

Allan DeLuca introduces Oliver the Spy and the ill-fated Pentrich rising.


The Guinea’s Stamp

Paul Gardner explains how rank is but a Guinea’s stamp and the man himself the gold.


The Statue of Liberty and Freemasonry

Fred Lomax shares fascinating insights into the Masonic connections of this famous edifice.


Minding our own Business

Norm McEvoy shares his thoughts on the initiatic aspects of Freemasonry and its real purpose


What does Freemasonry mean by Truth?

Tony Baker responds to the challenge to define what Masons mean by ‘truth’.


A Template of Excellence

Martin Faulks reflects on the excellent aspects of some Italian Freemasonry.


Book Reviews

The tercentenary has spawned a whole crop of new Masonic books. Here are just a few of them.


The 300th Celebrations in Pictures

Images from the Royal Albert Hall and the Battersea Evolution Dinner.


Celebrations at Freemasons’ Hall

Images of the live screening event from the Royal Albert Hall held in the Grand Temple.


Kirkwell Kilwinning Lodge and its remarkable Scroll

Kenneth Jack has transcribed the details of a remarkable Masonic treasure.


Beyond Allegories and Illustrations of Symbols

Ian Clegg suggests that ‘Masonic’ and ‘Scientific’ might be interchangeable terms.


Brethren of the South Pacific

Cameron Diver introduces the Freemasons of New Caledonia.


Some thoughts about Janus

Trevor Stewart presents the mysteries of the two-faced God.


Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O’Neill’s roundup of the unusual and interesting.


Tinplate Lodge

Peter King presents the fascinating tinplate decorations of a set of New Zealand lodge rooms.


The beginnings of English Craft Masonry in Bengal

Phil Powell presents Freemasonry’s development in yet another corner of the British Empire.


Tercentenary Banners

The Province of Hertfordshire and the Banner History Project.


Comments about Comments

Mike Blackburn reflects on the promotion of the documentary ‘Inside the Freemasons’.


Between the Square and the Circle

Christopher Schinkus discusses the Rite of Circumambulation in our ceremonies.


Frederick Bligh Bond

Barry Wilkes presents this Freemason and Rosicrucian.


News from Europe

An interesting picture – the Pope outside a Masonic Lodge, courtesy of El Oriente.


Letters to the Editor

Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don’t agree with something in the magazine please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.


Salt, Wine and Oil

Matthew Leilich presents aspects of our ancient brethren’s wages.


Why Catholics can’t be Freemasons

Ed Condon confirms that the animosity has not really disappeared or changed.



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