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Freemasonry in Popular Culture

From comic books to films, Freemasonry has often featured in popular culture; here we explore some examples of the most overt references to Freemasonry in ‘Pop Culture’.


Nicholas Hawksmoor – the Devil’s Architect

Hawksmoor was a Freemason and one of the 18th century’s most prolific architects.


Brother Anderson’s Library

Who was the man behind the Constitutions, and why was he such an apparently unreliable narrator? Dr Susan Mitchell Sommers explores James Anderson’s library for clues.


The Order of the Dragon – Societas Draconistarum

Alex Lishanin investigates this mysterious Chivalric Order.


Towards a Freemasonry of the Central Powers: The Berlin Conference of 1918

Reinhard Markner describes the political tension that caused the disintegration of Freemasonry in Europe after the First World War.


Grand Lodge of Vienna – Celebrating 100 Years

Peter Hoffer looks back on the history of Freemasonry in Austria as it celebrates its centenary.


Bejewelled: Badges, Brotherhood and Identity

the latest exhibition at the Museum of Freemasonry in London.


Disability Access Audits – The First Step towards Equality Compliance

Brian Baker explains how the Disability Access Audit is a vital exercise to satisfy UK disability law.


Disability – a Personal Perspective

Several members wrote in to share their experiences of disability; here is a personal perspective from ‘A Mason aged 88’.


Focus on: Norfolk Museum of Freemasonry

Martin Faulks gives us a glimpse of the new Museum of Freemasonry in Norwich.


Tips on Remembering

Stuart Harker offers vital tips to help you remember your Masonic ritual.


The Apron and its Symbolism

Jean-Yves Legouas looks at the symbolism of the apron within the different rituals.


The Essenes

Mike Karn explores the history and mystery of this ancient sect.


Two Perpendicular Parallel Lines

How can two lines be both perpendicular and parallel? Matthew Leilich gives us the answer.


Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O’Neill gives us his regular round up.


A Quarterly Advancement

Craig Weightman with his regular column; this issue he reflects on ‘the season of renewal’.


Book Review

Aubrey Newman reviews A History of Craft Freemasonry in Sheffield, 1761-2017 by John Wade.


Square Bookshelf Competition

In the September issue we asked readers to send in a photo of their Masonic bookshelves and comment as to their favourite book – see the winners here!


Freemasonry A-Z

Our regular feature taking us through Freemasonry from Abacus to Zerubbabel.


Letters to the Editor

A roundup of correspondence from our readers.


News, Views and Events

Keeping you informed about Freemasonry around the world.


How Many Freemasons Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

A light-hearted view of lodge organisation!


Beyond the Craft

Michael Adams continues his look at the appendant Orders of Freemasonry with Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A).


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