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Freemasonry and the Mormons

Terry Chateau is a Mormon and here presents the strong links between Freemasonry and the founders of the Mormon Church notably Joseph Smith – a Freemason.


Mason’s Relish

Paul Gardner opens the many pots containing pastes, potions and sauces especially for the Masons.


Critical Reading of Masonic Literature

Yoshio Washizu warns us to take everything we read as not necessarily true – even in the Square!


George Washington Silhouettes

The Scottish Rite library and museum introduces us to this once popular portraiture art form.


Tercentenary Celebrations at UGLE

The Coordinator of Planning for the Tercentenary Celebrations at UGLE, Keith Gilbert, describes the process thus far.


The Tercentenary Agenda

Courtesy of UGLE and other websites we present many of the planned activities. Get out your diaries now!


For These and All Thy Graces

The Editor combines a collection of graces with the art of Todd Condon. Uplifting and colourful.


The Mystery of Mithras

Andy Fear presents this direct competitor to Christianity. What would our rituals be like if it had succeeded?


Dissecting Masonic Tryptamines

P D Newman presents the psychedelic content of the innocent acacia and cassia.


Dawn of English Freemasonry in Italy

Alessandro Ruzzi describes the early beginnings of Italian Freemasonry.


Freemasons and the Alamo

Mike Karn introduces us to those wonderful characters of legend – who were all Freemasons.



Jon Patrick Sage reflects on proficiency – and the lack of it – in Freemasonry today.


The Horncastle Chapter Ensigns

Ian McFeeters introduces some unique ensigns from a Royal Arch Chapter.


An Ox, Man, Lion and Eagle in Cornwall

Tim Blakemore continues the Royal Arch theme by looking at the four principal banners.


Pass the Port – to the Left!

Allan DeLuca presents us with more information about this custom at the festive board.



Robert Smith presents some beautiful jewels courtesy of Jewels of the Craft and the Diadem magazine.


The Times Have Already Changed

R J Chorley reflects on the shifts in the Anglican perception of Freemasonry and the case of Christopher Haffner.


It’s Freemasonry Jim, But Not As We Know It

Brad Manning of the MPC uses stamps to present about the Grange and the Mormons – both heavily influenced by the Craft.


The First Japanese Freemason

James Johnston records how Freemasonry came to Japan and the leading characters in its development.


The Master’s Song

Henry Engelsman and the Masonic Poetry Society combined with a favourite song for a new Master.


History of Freemasonry in Slovenia

Aleksandar Lishanin recalls the beginnings and growth of Freemasonry in this fascinating Republic.


New Light on the Gormogons

Brent Morris allows us to benefit from an edited paper on this fascinating group – but who were they?.


Terra Masonica

Bourland Tristan is on a mission – to encircle the world in 80 lodges. This is the start.


The Lost Philanthropist

David Harrison introduces us to Christopher Rawdon – the subject of his latest book.


Mountain View Cemetary

Some thoughts on Masonic burials and the Christian Church and a cemetary where Masons are still welcome.


What, No Plumbers?

Martin Gandoff introduces the Operatives – the Wallers, the Slaters, the Paviors and all the rest.


Letters to the Editor

Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don’t agree with something in the magazine please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.


The Perfect Lodge

Carl Planting presents Burleigh Lodge in Queensland and its driving force Bro Greg Goding.


Millennial Masonry

Padraig Belton explains how those in their twenties and thirties are changing the Craft.


New Grand Commander for the Northern Jurisdiction

Moises Gomez introduces David Glattly, the Sovereign Grand Commander elect and tells us something of the Scottish Rite.

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