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English Freemasonry and the First World War ‘A Permanent Memorial'

as we near the Centenary of the Armistice, this extract from the Library and Museum’s book English Freemasonry and the First World War, reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice many Freemasons made for their country during WWI and our need for a permanent memorial in their honour.


Lost WWI Warrington Freemasons Remembered

Caroline Crook, Archivist at the Warrington Museum of Freemasonry, discovers the lives of two Lancashire Freemasons who served and fell during WWI.


An Operative and Speculative Mason in the Present

Richard Maris talks with Stephen Michael Bouska, a modern-day Operative and Speculative Mason.


Royal Arch: Back to Basics

Gerald Reilly gives an insight into the eternal values of the Holy Royal Arch.


A Son of Wales, a Mason?

Paul Gardner traces the incredible story of William Price – Doctor, Druid, and Son of Wales – and the advent of cremation.


A New Career: Come and Learn to Build King Solomon’s Temple

Martin Gandoff gives us all the tools to explore the role of the Operatives.


A Temperance Lodge

A fascinating history of the Temperance Lodges by Nigel Wade, a member of Undine Lodge 3394, one of the first ‘dry’ lodges to emerge.


Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O’Neill offers his regular chippings collected whilst smoothing the ashlar!



Regular Square contributor Jean-Yves Legouas explores the Masonic meaning of the tripartite motto ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’.


Kipling’s War

A poignant look at the death of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘boy Jack’ and the writer’s passionate involvement with the Imperial War Graves Commission.


Access all Areas

Brian Baker explains the vital importance of disability access in Masonic halls.


Square Comment

Following on from the previous article, we discuss how the subject of Disability and Freemasonry has evolved and the importance of inclusivity for disabled members.


The Tyler at the Door: a Historical Hypothesis

Anthony H. Duval offers his own interesting viewpoint with regard to the origin of the Tyler and his knocks.


A Quarterly Advancement: Coming to Terms with the Great War Within Ourselves

Author and lodge mentor Craig Weightman delivers his quarterly advancement of your Masonic knowledge.



Share a photo of what’s on your Masonic bookshelf and win a copy of The Masonic Magician.


Book Reviews

Featuring Mark and Ark Talks by Mike Karn and Masonic Legends by David West and Matthew West.


Freemasonry A-Z

all you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry, and more!



the page giving your views on pertinent topics.


News & Events

the latest round up of Masonic news and forthcoming events.


Beyond the Craft: The Order of St Thomas of Acon

Michael Adams continues his look at the appendant Orders of Freemasonry.


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