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Lodge Sir Robert Moray No. 1641 – Occasional Papers – The First 25 Years

The book is edited and published by members of Lodge Sir Robert Moray, Scotland’s premier Lodge of research, in a limited edition of only two hundred copies. It contains an anthology of some sixteen papers that have been delivered at meetings of the Lodge over the first twenty-five years of its existence and which cover a range of subjects. These include: Some Aspects of Masonic International Law and Customs; the Roman Catholic Freemason; West Indian Freemasonry; Freemasonry in the Public Eye and the Geneva Bible and the Development of Freemasonry, all of which have been written by experts in their respective fields of study. Only five of the papers relate to matters specifically Scottish, which means that the book is far from parochial and should be of considerable interest and appeal to a Masonic audience not just in Scotland but also internationally. The only sad part is that whilst some forty-four papers have been given in the Lodge, nearly half are missing from the Lodge records – a salutary lesson to research lodges throughout the world. Given that only two hundred copies have been printed, I suggest you contact the Lodge Secretary pretty quickly so that you are not disappointed with your order - you will certainly not be disappointed by the book and its contents.


Richard Collins


Price: £25.00 + p&p

Publisher: Lodge Sir Robert Moray No. 1641


Available from the Secretary: Alan Dickson

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