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Mark and Ark Talks

By: Mike Karn


The book is divided evenly into talks about the Mariner degree and the Mark degree which lend themselves to reading in a lodge lasting 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively, each talk can be read purely for enjoyment in any order and are thought provoking enough to encourage each reader to think more profoundly about the topics. Although this is a small book, it contains a huge amount of information.


The Royal Ark Mariner section covers topics such as it origins, development of the degree and its uniqueness within the whole Masonic system. Other talks include biblical interpretations about Noah as well as explaining his extended family.


The Mark sections outlines the Scottish origins and the troubles initially of how this independent body eventually developed into the current form today. This is a fascinating story from a few brethren who brought a degree from Aberdeen and see it develop into a Grand Body – a story that every Mason should be aware of particularly since this is an important facet of the Craft when dealing with mason marks in cathedrals and other important buildings.


Just as Hiram is important in the Craft so Adoniram is important to Mark Masons and therefore a whole talk explains the background to this figure. The degree, the tools and the relevance of the keystone also have talks devoted to them. The talks are fascinating enough that any Mason who has not taken the degrees before should have developed an urge to find out more, so I would recommend this book to all Masons whether they are members of these Orders or not.


Reviewer: N. G. Macleod


Lewis Masonic

ISBN: 978-0-85318-555-0


88 Pages


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