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Sacred Secrets – Freemasonry, the Bible and the Christian Faith

By: Mike Neville


Unfortunately in this day and age familiarity with the Bible and its contents is almost non-existent. It means that the greater majority of Masons today are unable to relate to the ritual in the same way as our forefathers could. As such they are missing out on a considerable element of Freemasonry. This book helps to fill that gap. It is meticulously researched, well written, skilfully laid-out and beautifully illustrated: an absolute treasure trove of information. The way it is referenced makes it not only easy to read but also to be able to cross-refer, whether between the Bible and the various Masonic rituals or to the timeline.


Masons and non-Masons alike will find plenty of interest in the book. Unfortunately many Freemasons learn their ritual by rote, which they recite without understanding or feeling. This book brings the ritual to life. Even if it had restricted itself to the three Craft Degrees it would be worth buying; the fact that it covers so many Degrees and Orders makes it a must-buy.


Richard Collins


Price: £18.99

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780752480510

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