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The Independent Magazine for Freemasons



The independent Masonic magazine brought to you by the world’s oldest Masonic publisher has gone digital!


The Square magazine is bringing Freemasonry into the 21st century and is now available online in an easily accessible, searchable web version. Our web version looks exactly the same as the printed copy and contains all the same content but with far more reading tools at your disposal.


Within the online edition each print page becomes a web page, so pages can be bookmarked, cited and referenced, email addresses and urls are rendered as clickable as are ISBNs and telephone numbers so you can visit a particular website, Skype a company or email an author instantly.










Digital Access on your mobile device iPad, iPhone, Android or computer - £2.95 per issue

- annual subscription £9.99



Android  Don't have an iPhone or iPad?

No problem; subscribers can also read the magazine in the 'Exactly' Android app.


Once you have the Square app on your ipad or iphone it is easy to use:


•  Pinch or double-tap pages to zoom

•  Swipe or tap the page edges to flip to next/previous page

•  Use the animated thumbnail view to flick through the pages

•  Switch between single or double-page view (iPad only)

•  Search the current issue or the archive

•  Tap page links to web sites, email addresses, phone numbers, ISBNs or maps

•  Tap contents-page links to jump to a particular article

•  Sync the latest issue or any back issue to your device for offline reading (requires Wi-Fi)



Back Issues to download on to your mobile device are available at



Subscribers to the printed hard copy of the magazine also get free access to the current digital issue and back issues via their mobile device and computer.



In the box ACCOUNT NUMBER you will need to put the reference number you will find on your address label of your paper copy of the Square, starting: TSQU….


Once you have opened your account you will be able to view copies of the Square on your computer. In addition you will receive a shared access code that will enable you to download copies of the Square through iTunes onto your iPad and iPhone.


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