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The Treasures of English Freemasonry 1717-2017

Edited By: Richard Gan


Contributors: John Belton, Paul Calderwood, James Campbell, Diane Clements, Jim Daniel, David Harrison, Aubrey Newman, Hugh O’Neill, John Reuther.


Lewis Masonic have published a splendid tercentenary book with the full cooperation of the UGLE Library and Museum. It is an A4, beautifully printed, full colour reflection of over 250 objects, artefacts, paintings and Masonic ephemera, which collectively represent the three hundred years of English Freemasonry. The illustrations are of remarkable quality and the whole book will be seen as a collectors’ item for many years to come.


A number of eminent Masonic researchers were involved in the writing of the accompanying texts. Members of Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2086, the premier Masonic research lodge, are well represented. The book was launched at a reception held in Freemason’s Hall, Gt Queen Street on 11 April 2017, when representatives from Lewis Masonic and the contributors to the book presented their magnum opus to the assembled invited guests. Copies are available from Letchworth’s and directly from Lewis Masonic.


Reviewer: Mike Blackburn


Hardcover: 305 pages

Lewis Masonic (2017)

ISBN: 9870853185345

RRP: £45.00


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